All the people who suffer from diabetes, own a blood sugar testing kit. These kits are usually supplied with a variety of test strips which end up not being used. These strips are not durable therefore one is forced to abandon those which aren't used. There is an option of selling these strips and get some cash on the side. For one to get on with these, you need to get test strip containers that have never been opened and those which are yet to expire. Once you get this you are set to begin making money.

Easy money can be made when one has a couple of extra test strips to start with. You will be required to send these extra strips, sit back and wait for your money. In order to send them you will need to include the slip from the package together with your name and home address, then a check with an affirmation will be sent your way. It is a very simple process that can be done in a few minutes. Since these strips will still be used with people, they need to be of utmost quality. They should not be broken or tampered with. The boxes they are packaged in should not be crushed as they will be rejected. After rejection they are sent back along with charges for the shipment. Get cash for diabetic test strips here! 

If the strips expire within 180 days, this will mean that they will pay half the price they promised. If they expire within 90 days, no pay is guaranteed. The cost of a box of 50 test strips will vary depending on the brand of the strips. This boxing strategy reduces the number of unused test strips and one can make good profit margins from selling them. Sometimes the supply of test strips is too little to meet this requirement. To solve this one can opt to gather the strips from friends, family or any other person who has extra strips. Doing this will help you reach the target, eventually you can make enough profit to buy everyone a meal.For more facts and information about diabetic test strips, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/about_4762364_blood-sugar-measurement.html. 


This is a smart way of getting wealth out of disposable materials and it is an opportunity any one can take on. The reasons behind the availability of test strips is the fact that the doctor can often change your equipment or you might be testing yourself much less or someone you know gets the strips from a medical institution among other reasons, sell test strips today!