Do you see those layers of carton of test strips for diabetes lying somewhere in that store in your house or in your friend's? We need them.  That is idle cash lying there.  They can actually assure of your next meal you might be wondering on how to fix.  We guarantee you quick cash by merely presenting them to us with an indication of your intention to sell.  We assure a ready market irrespective of your geographical location.  Are you wondering how? Wait and see. 

                Most people stock piles and piles of supplies of diabetic test strips wondering where to take them.  If they happen to sell a handful of them to an unexpected buyer, they are not very sure when they will pocket the payment.  They are not even very sure on how to start following up on the debtor since there are no clear channels of communication between the buyer and customers.  If you are among these puzzled customers worry no more.  We present to you ways through which you can convert that idle stock to quick cash.  We are buying them almost instantly. Before any step, you can check on our calculator menu and compute how much quick cash you can expect by selling the items to us as long as they are okay before expiry date, sell your test strips here! 

                How does it work? Gather all your stock of diabetic test strips.  Sort out the supplies according to the manufacturers.  Arrange them according to size and pack them in manageable weights, of say five kilograms per pack.  Take care not to tear off the respective labels.  Deliver them to our premises by means convenient to you.  If you are far, arrangement for cheaper but safe means of shipment.  Once we receive them we will notify you by either mail or call and you can as well start to comfortably budget on the cash for diabetic strips.  How does it sound to you? It is as simple as that. However, if we are not satisfied with the condition of the consignment, we shall not buy them.  We shall return them to you with a detailed explanation as to why. The good news is that we reimburse the cost incurred for shipment for goods delivered in good conditions. What next? 

                How do you receive your payment?  Again you go to payment mode menu. Select the mode you deem suitable for you.  However, we normally recommend pay pal due to its convenience.To gain more knowledge about diabetic test strips, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dd6-KW-TbbM. 


                Please bear in mind that as you sell diabetic test strips to us, you not only gain in terms of cash, but you are also enabling those disadvantaged people  who do not afford insurance rate and others that are not able to pay for their original price.  We look forward to receiving your earliest first consignment.